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Lullaby of the Countryside has been inspired by the rural landscape where I live, but also by mythology. This Limited Edition Collagraph is a reflection of the gentle force and serenity of cows and how it has inspired so many societies through its representation in history, art, storytelling and myth. Companion piece to Golden Taurus.


Sold Unframed

Handprinted on Strathmore Printmaking paper with oil based ink.

Each print has been finalised by hand with gold metallic foil and varnished.

This is a limited edition of 6 prints. All signed and numbered on the back. Only 3 left.

Bear in mind that because the entire process is handmade, therefore each print is unique and some fine details may vary.

Size - approximately 229 mm x 304 mm (9 inch x 11.9 inch)

Lullaby of the Countryside

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