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Can you hear the music transporting you to the ballet? Come and see the special performance of this elegant goose. Slowly she tiptoes around you and brings you a lovely day made of song, dance, and fantasy. What are you waiting for? Invite her inside your home for extra pirouette, arabesque and jeté?

Design is mine and this goose ballerina is handprinted (see the "FAQ" section to see how). 


Sold unframed. 

Black ink with Gold pigment and shimmery pink and purple watercolour.

Handprinted on archival paper. 

Size - approximately180 mm x 180 mm (7 inch x 7 inch)

Bear in mind that because the entire process is handmade, therefore each print is unique and some fine details may vary.

Dance with me

£20.00 Regular Price
£9.00Sale Price
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