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Introducing my Spring Spirit artwork, a stunning combination of collagraph and drypoint techniques. This captivating piece features a majestic dragon intertwined with delicate spring flowers, embodying the essence of hope and renewal. The intricate details and vibrant colors bring this nature spirit to life.


paper size approximately 21 cm x 27,5 cm (8.26  x 10.8 inch)

Traditional etching ink and metallic watercolour on archival paper

Limited Variable Edition of 3

Sold unframed

This is an original artwork. Every single print has been inked from an engraving of my own design and printed by hand on an etching press.

Which means that each print is different, depending on the inking and the way it has been pressed. Details may vary. (see the "FAQ" section to see how).

Handprinted in the Costwolds

Spring Spirit

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